Ninja Turtle Has Started School (and we are still trying to win her an iPad)

Ninja Turtle has now had 3 days of school.  And guess what?  She loves it!  She cried when the bus brought her home yesterday, she wanted to go back to school.  We gently reminded her she could go back in the morning, and she calmed.  She is even trying new foods at school.  Yesterday was baked ziti.  I can’t seem to get a straight answer about what she ate today.  It melts my heart to see her enjoying school so much, but at the same time, it makes me want to cry because I miss her so much.  But I am glad that she is getting the services she needs.  I have heard so many parents tell nightmare stories about how they had to fight for accomodations for their child, and then the IEP was never followed.  I am glad that we have access to good schools for those things here and that it was surprisingly easy to get her the things I and the evaluation team felt that she needed.  She gets physical therapy and speech therapy.  They are evaluating her for occupational therapy.  She gets door to door bus service gets walked by hand to everywhere she needs to go.


I am working on writing about our experiences thus far and what it is like raising a child on the autism spectrum.  I think there needs to be more awareness.


We are still working with The Puzzling Piece to try and win Lauren an iPad, and if 60 pieces of jewelry are bought in our names, then she will be given one.  Everything on this page under the iPad challenge tab will count and you just need to put my name (Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen) in the challenger name box when you make a purchase for us to get credit for it!  Thanks for taking a look.