Medical Transcription


Medical transcriptionist. It does not seem like a lot of people even know what this is. Medical transcription is a widely misunderstood field. I have gotten “Oh, so you are a secretary?” No, not even close. I am a Health Information Professional. Gotta love how everything has gotten so PC, right??

For those of you who are wondering, think about it this way. You know how, when you go to the doctor, s/he scribbles all kinds of things into that folder they call your chart? Well, after you leave, the doctor reads all that stuff off of the scribble-chart, either into a microcassette, or a telephone system, or a digital recorder. Then, they do that for every other patient they see that day. And then, that information is sent to a medical transcriptionist, who has to take all of the babbling, burping, chewing, and other wonderful sounds they slip in there while they are dictating (that is what “reading” all that stuff is called) and turn it into a legible, complete medical record. This is a legal document, so there is very little room for error.

Part two to come later.



You’re A What?  Part II

Don’t You Just Love When Your Entire World Hangs in the Balance of Technology?


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