And then, the Ninja Turtle goes to school.

Posted On March 25, 2014

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Ninja Turtle had her staffing/IEP meeting last week.  She very definitely qualifies for services, and much more than we thought or hoped for.  She will get physical therapy and speech therapy and occupational therapy, as well as the regular classroom stuff that goes along with it.  She will also get swim therapy, as they called it, and things are looking up.  Ninja Turtle will be in a full day, 5 day a week program and ride a school bus and get to make new friends and learn new things.  There will be 7 kids in her class, including her, and 2 adults.  I am looking forward to this next step in our Journey.  Of course, now I must fight the good fight and find a Doc McStuffins or Dora or Minnie Mouse backpack!


2 Responses to “And then, the Ninja Turtle goes to school.”

  1. beckireads

    Glad to hear the meeting went well for you and Ninja Turtle. I hope she has fun 🙂

    • Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen

      She is so excited to be riding on a school bus and going to “big school”! OF course, mom and dad will probably cry!

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