Ninja Turtles Are Allowed to Cry, Too.

Posted On July 29, 2013

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So, so far, we have had only minor incidents, but today, Ninja Turtle had a major setback.  She adores her brother and sister.  When they go back to their dads, she is inconsolable and hates being left behind.  Ninja Turtle is from my second marriage, so she stays here with me and daddy always.  But when her bubby and her sissy go away without her, she does not handle things well.

Today, her brother and sister got to do something that she didn’t, and she cried for a solid 10 minutes.  After that, she pouted.  She sat in her high chair, her head on her shoulder, with a sad, faraway look on her face.  You know the look.  Like someone just kicked your dog.  And she sat like that for an hour.

I asked for a hug or a kiss several times in this period and she told me “No.”  Any other questions elicited a “No.  Mad.” response.


But you see, I can handle this.  I am able to accomplish anything that comes before me.  After all, I am the mother of a Ninja Turtle!  


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