Hey folks, I am still alive, I promise.

Posted On February 25, 2013

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I wanted to stop by and write a quick note. I am still alive and kicking and things have just been crazy hectic in my life lately.  I have a lot of irons in the fire and, some days, it feels a little overwhelming.  I am working as an IC for a transcription company.  I have my book promotion and editing company (http://bwrtours.net) and we have had a few clients so far.  We have done 3 or 4 book tours and are currently under contract for an editing project as we speak that is due to complete in just a couple of weeks, with the author already thinking about signing us for his next book as well.  

And then, I taught myself to crochet.  I have made about a dozen things, ranging from a medium-sized throw blanket for my son’s bed to hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, potholders, and a market bag and a tote bag.  I made a hat that looks like a panda, complete with ears.  I made a hat that looks like a Pokeball!  I also made myself a case for my crochet hooks, and I am having lots of fun with it.  I am toying with setting up an etsy store to sell some of my things, but I have no idea how to price some of them at this point, so it is just a thought process.

Writing has kind of been put on hold, until things calm down.  

We are dealing with a new crop of health problems with my 2 year old.  She has an eye doctor appointment set up, soon to be followed by referrals for physical therapy and a neurologist.  It is more than just the seizures now, but a lot of clumsiness.  She has been falling a lot.  She has hurt herself a few times, and now they are finally listening.  


I will check in again soon, but for now, I better get back to the grind.


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