And So Begins a New Scouting Year

Posted On August 19, 2012

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I am sitting here this evening after having spent the better part of the afternoon planning the next several weeks of scouting.  I realize that my young man is growing up.  We are first year Webelos this year.  As I sit here and look through some of my resources, I realize that the program has changed so drastically from where we started out in first grade.

We started out as Tigers and learned the necessary things to earn a Bobcat badge.  Then the adventures began as we had some  mother-son bonding over the activities in the Tiger den, learning and exploring new things and visiting new places.

Then, we became Wolves.  As Wolves, we learned even more exciting things and embarked on new adventures, furthering along the Cub Scout Trail.

Then, we progressed to Bears, where we learned about safety and responsibility with working with tools, learned what it is like to build something with our own hands.  We learned about using a knife safely and earned our Whittlin’ Chip, thus showing that we knew how to safely handle this very useful tool.

Now, we are about to embark on the journey as Webelos, and there are so many great adventures before us. There will be a lot more adventure and activity, and a lot less hand holding by mom.  We are growing up.  I will watch my son blossom into an amazing young man as he learns the values of Scouting and begins his journey to Boy Scouts and the coveted Eagle Scout rank.  Yes, it begins here.  Webelos will instill the independence and values that will lead to a productive young man who may be proud to call himself a Scout, and even more so, a citizen of the world and a wonderful human being.

I am probably just as excited as the boys of my den are for the coming year, but at the same time, it makes me sad.  Another year and a half, and they will move on beyond the realm of Cubs, leaving behind a time where Ms. Lisa was their trusted friend and confidant.  They will gain new wings and learn to fly and I can be proud to say that I helped them along the way.

About a year and a half from now, I will watch these young men cross over into Boy Scouts and I am sure that tears will be shed.

But you know what, after the journey these boys and I have had, I will have earned every one of those tears.


2 Responses to “And So Begins a New Scouting Year”

  1. scouteradam

    Elliot is a Webelos II. Yeah, it’s a journey and they grow-up fast. I know what you are talking about.

    • Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen

      It still feels like we started Tigers yesterday! Now as a aWebelos leader I feel a little overwhelmed and unprepared. I am scouring the web as we speak. As a means of picking the brains of those who have gone before me. is going to be helpful as a start.

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