A Life of Freedom – What I Would Do

Posted On April 17, 2012

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I find myself being quite contemplative lately.  I have been doing a lot of wondering about what I would do with my life and my time if money were no longer a concern and I didn’t have to work so hard.  And I am pretty sure I know the answer to that.  I would live.

“Living” is such a subjective term and it means something different to everyone.  To me, “living” would involve the following:

  • Having a small farm and raising chickens and teaching my children not to depend on the rest of the world to provide anything for them.
  • Reading.  My true passion in life has always been and will always be the written word.  Nothing will ever change that, and if I had endless amounts of time to do as I pleased, I think I would read a book a day.
  • Writing.  Maybe I would actually finish the pile of novel projects that sit before me, unfinished, unloved.  I have so many great story ideas, and just no time to put pen to page.
  • Reviewing.  This goes back to my second bullet point.  I love books.  I need to read like some people need air.  I love to tell people about what I am reading and what I think.
  • Blogging.  Let’s face it.  This is my passion, my unerring lover.  I can go away for days at a time, and yet it still accepts me back with open arms, taking me into an embrace that fills all voids and holds you in the gentlest of touches.

If ever a time came in my life where money were no longer a concern, I would definitely LIVE!

If you had the same set of circumstances, what would you do?  How would you define “living?”  What is your true passion in life?


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