Down for the Count Today

Posted On April 11, 2012

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So, I have been down for the count today, not feeling well at all,and it really stinks.  I developed a major abscess on one of my teeth in the last couple of days, apparently, out of nowhere, and it is killing me. My PCP gave me a mega dose of antibiotics and an antiinflammatory to help with the swelling, but I do not have dental coverage or the money to go to a dentist, so we are basically in a holding pattern for the time being.  Sorry this one has to be short and sweet, but I have to go lay back down.  I didn’t want everyone to worry about me not being here, and being so quiet, but this is why.


2 Responses to “Down for the Count Today”

  1. Jeanne

    You may already know this, but be careful with an oral infection–they can spread to other parts of the body if you don’t get rid of them completely. Often they damage the heart valves, but mine went to my knee and then I had to have surgery on it, too, to clean out the infection.

    • Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen

      I already have heart valve issues, so my primary is very concerned and is trying to get my insurance to realize that this needs to be addressed as soon as possible, but they do not have a dental provision, It is currently up into the sinus cavity, and it can easily spread to the lining of the brain, which is a bad thing. We are trying to get some kind of exception with the insurance, but in the meantime i am on indefinite antibiotics.

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