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Awesome blog about scouting that I have been following for a while now. Go ahead and check him out!

Scouter Adam: Notes from the District Commish

Scouting in any flavor offers a lot to the youth that they serve.  It could be Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Campfire, Boy Scouts and the list goes on.   All programs feature Leadership Skills, Fun and getting outside.  In a recent meeting with all the folks down at Council and at the last Top Team meeting, we were told about how our Council’s Summer camp program is down.  I think we are at 46-48% of use.  Council wants us to get to 78% in three years.   The Scout Exec stated that while we are property rich, we are not where other Councils are at with Summer camp numbers..  Within the same meetings it was shown that there are 92,000 boys within the Council that are not in Scouts. (I would like to include girls in this, but I just do not have that number).

Now, in a…

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  1. scouteradam

    Thanks for the kind words and the re-blogging!

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