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Posted On April 5, 2012

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Well, it is currently 1 in the morning.  I am sitting here in quiet contemplation of the things that have transpired in the last week, and I find myself in awe of the place my journey has led me to so far.  I set out to be a book blogger, and that has gone quite well so far.  My book blog has taken off, and requests for reviews have started coming in.  I have posted a few so far, and I have a few books lined up to blog reviews for the coming weeks.  Life is good, folks.  One can accomplish anything they set their mind to, I will sit here and assure you of that.  Well, I must go back to work, but you will be seeing and hearing from me again in the future.  For those of you who have not as yet found my book blog, you can check it out at Just Another Rabid Reader.  Until then, Safe Journeys.


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