And So The Journey Continues

Posted On March 24, 2012

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It is 3 a.m.  I feel as though I have been reborn and have just begun to live my life all over again, and I really do not know how to quantify that at all.  I have embarked on a few different journeys, and so far, not one of them has steered me down a wrong path.

Well, lets start at the beginning.  If you haven’t been living under a rock, you already know that I got a Nook Tablet for Christmas.  If you know me well at all, you know that this is a HUGE gift, something I could never justify buying for myself, and have secretly pined for an e-reader of some sort for years.  Well, here I am!  Now, I love to read, but books are expensive and take up a lot of space, and space and money are precious commodities in my life lately, what with having children and all.  So my love affair with literature had been involved in a temporary legal separation, but no more!

Oh the things I can do now!  First of all, I LOVE e-books!  I thought I would hate them, but I love them.  I know I always said you would pry my books from my cold dead fingers, but those piles of paper, you can keep them now.  Sure, I will never part with my Dickens, but for any new acquisitions will be electronic.  I currently have over 1000 books sitting in my lap right now!~  Who could have imagined.  I get almost an erotic feeling thinking about that many books right at my fingertips without leaving the house, you have no idea.

Since acquiring said device, I have read nearly 30 books, and I am knee deep in a volume lent to me by a friend that contains 3500 pages and 5 novels within it’s bytes! And, no matter how many books I have on this little thing, it will never take up more space than my small journal notebook that always was in my purse, and this can even replace that, too!

There were a few unexpected things that came out of this gift:

1.  It has re-sparked my desire to write.  I found out that I can easily self publish in e-book form, have no overhead, no need to schlep books around trying to get stores to stock them, or trying to shanghai my friends into buying them.  I don’t have to worry about rejection letter after rejection letter, and can set my own limits on my work.  I set the price, not a publisher, and I can distribute it in any way I see fit.  I can also avoid all this DRM nonsense that so many writers are all paranoid about.  Rest assured, my faithful friends, that my work should, in theory, be DRM free.  And, for those interested, I have 2 novels, a short story, and a collection of Poetry in the works right now.  I have not been this excited about my writing in many, many moons!

2.  Unexpected bonus number two is that, in rekindling my love of reading, I have met a lot of wonderful friends who have made the reading experience even more enjoyable.  We share e-books back and forth, compare what we thought of the works, and get to see a story through each others eyes!  It is amazing.

3.  I discovered that, while I love reading books and telling my friends and family about them over e-maill, phone calls, in person, and via IM, I can dedicate an entire blog to just that.  I can post reviews of books and tell the whole WORLD what I think about it.  I have gained a global audience, and that is a great feeling.  I love to spread my love of the written word and share that with anyone I can.  My review blog can be found here.

I always wanted to join a book club, but never felt like I could find the time, and I am not really a people person, and can’t always fit into the schedules other people have.  So, I started perusing online book clubs and reader circles, et cetera.

While some were great, I had a rocky experience with one, and this brought a realization to light that I would never have thought of otherwise:  I can start my own group and run it how I want to!   So I did exactly that.  I always worried that the books that are assigned in book clubs would not be my style, and I rectified that with my own group.  No assigned reading!  The only requirement is to read and to participate on whatever you are reading!  I currently have more than 15 different discussion threads available, and there are all different genres and books and styles!  Something for everyone!

So, you see, I have been a very busy beaver.  I still have my day job, and that pays the bills.  I don’t expect to get rich with any of my little side projects, but with time, I hope that I can find a great deal of joy from them, and those are the greatest benefits to reap.

Should anyone reading this be interested in my little group, it resides on Facebook for the time being, but feel free to ask, and I will direct you to where you need to go.  Any book suggestions, writing suggestions, anything at all, as always, feel free to comment, or email me, or send up a smoke signal!

Until we meet again, enjoy the Journey.


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