A very interesting book I am reading – Letters from the Vieux Carre by Haden Hudson

Posted On March 15, 2012

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Okay, so I am going to be completely honest.  When I first picked up this title, I really thought I was not going to like it.  I am not a huge fan of historical fiction or romance, but I figured, I got a good deal on it, so I would give it a shot.  You know what, I am pleasantly surprised.  It combines a few different elements and the symbiosis of those things is an amazing story:  historical fiction, a little bit of romance, and TIME TRAVEL!  It has a voodoo, magic kind of element to the time travel, which is just an amazingly interesting combination.  I am not finished reading it yet, but I really think I am going to love this book, as I cannot seem to put it down!  


If you are interested in giving it a shot, it is only 0.99 on smashwords, which is a site containing DRM-Free books in pretty much any format you would want.  Here is a link to the book’s page on Smashwords:



Happy Reading until then!



**Disclaimer:  The link above is an affiliate link, so I do receive a small commission if you do purchase the book through this link.


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