Well folks, her…

Posted On February 27, 2012

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Well folks, here goes nothing.  I am posting this here so that you can all keep me accountable for my decision.  I have finally decided that I need to get the lead out and get my arse in gear here.  I have decided that my first book simply has to be written and published this year.  I am planning to self publish in ebook format.  For right now, this is the most cost effective way to do things and the best way to get my name and my stories out there.  If I see any success doing it this way, then after a while, maybe I will consider publishing in print, but realistically, I do not know how it will go.

See, I think my writing is good, and I think people will like it, but I am probably extremely biased in this.  I don’t expect to get rich or die trying here, but it is a goal I have had for many years to write and publish a novel and I am extremely tired of setting goals and failing, so this is it.  

I hope to put out a short story in the next month or so, as a sort of introduction to my characters.  I will continue to update here as things develop, and hopefully those few of you that read here will consider reading it.  As always, any and all constructive criticism is always appreciated.  If anyone ever has anything they would like me to write on, a hot button topic that you think needs further attention, a storyline you would like to see develop, anything, please feel free to drop me a line.  There should be some way to email me somewhere on this blasted site!  Okay, off to writing land.  


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