The world of blogging from a tablet

Posted On February 27, 2012

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So I recently had the good fortune to acquire a Nook Tablet for Christmas from an awesome friend.  I had a bad run of luck, with the original having defective software, which Barnes and Noble gladlyexchanged for me.  Then, about a week later, it got knocked off thetable by a friend’s cat.   Well, thanks to the extended protection plan, I was able to very recenrly get my nook witha shattered screen replaced, so it is all shiny and new again.  I have this issue about proprietary software, so it has successfully been “tweaked,” allowing greater functionality.  I am writing on it as we speak.  I just wanted to pop in and let you all know i was still alive and still out here writing.  I have set myself a goal to finally pen the great american novel, so look for that book i have been working toward for years now.  Update coming soon! 


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