Just found an amazing website, and I needed to give a shout to it.

Posted On February 7, 2012

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I just wandered across http://www.addadhdblog.com, and i am finding this to be an amazing website.  This is a doctor’s blog and it really puts things into perspective for me.  I have struggled with ADHD since my late teens, and I do mean that it is a struggle.  Life can get very interesting, and a lot of my issues in my personal and professional life do tie back to the disorder, and it permeates every aspect of my life.  

Adult ADHD is a silent struggle, because there tends to be so much stigma associated with it.  I get asked questions like “Well, isn’t that a kid’s problem?”  “Shouldn’t you have outgrown that?”  And these questions can make you feel horrible.  

Anyone who has not lived with the struggles of living with ADHD will not be able to understand what it is like to feel the way ADHD can make you feel.  You feel like an outsider in your own life, and many times it will feel like your own brain is betraying you.  I tend to have a hard time letting go of “things,” both emotional and physical.  This is a direct result of my ADHD.  On the outside, it just looks like I am obstinate and stubborn and hanging onto the past.  For me, it is just the shear overwhelming nature of it.  

I urge you, if you have lived with ADHD and have suffered in silence, please know that you are not alone.  As a 30 year old woman, I have just tried to live with it.  I have been both medicated and not, and I do realize that the medication is an integral part of being able to be a productive member of society.  Take a look at the site, and follow some of the suggestions there.  You will be amazed how much little things can make a difference in your life!  Happy journeys, my friends.


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