Life can be so cruel

Posted On September 30, 2011

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Pop quiz friends:  What is your worst nightmare?

Think carefully about that.  Imagine having it stare you right in the face?  What would you do?  How would you find your way through it?


For those of you with children, I already know the answer.  A parent’s worst nightmare is having to bury their child.  This is a pain that absolutely no parent should ever have to endure, especially not when a child has not even begun to live their life yet.

For those of my younger readers out there, if you haven’t finished school and lived on your own and started to deal with life as an adult, you haven’t begun to live your life yet.

I have a friend who is facing exactly that right now, though, and my heart aches for her and her family as they have to live the nightmare that I have had for eight years now.

I cannot even imagine how I would feel in the same situation, and I know that the pain I feel in thinking of it.  I feel numb.  I feel angry.  I feel empty and like life has been so cruel to end a life only beginning.

Part of me wants to rail at God and ask how He could do something like this, and yet at the same time, realize that it is not my job to question these things.  Quite the conundrum and quandary place to be.


My heart goes out to anyone who has to face this type of tragedy, and I only hope that you have friends and family who can help carry you through.  For me, I will close my eyes, say a silent prayer, and hug my children a little tighter today, as I realize now how quickly they can be taken from me, and I realize that, no matter how long I do have them, in the scheme of the universe, it is only but a moment, and then the moment could be gone, in the blink of an eye.


I had to write, though, as writing is my catharsis, my comfort, and my sanity.  I ask that those of you so inclined to do so lift this family up in prayer and thoughts and positive energy, whatever way you want to word it or however your beliefs allow.  For those of you who do not have faith in any form, or who are uncertain of the existence of a greater being, just think good thoughts and send them through the cosmos.



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