The Casey Anthony Injustice

Posted On July 6, 2011

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I didn’t know any of these people personally, though I know people who did/do.  I have to speak about this because the whole thing makes me very, very angry.  I hear a lot of people saying “Who cares, it is over.”  Others say “This doesn’t involve me, so why get upset,” and still others who just are so apathetic about it, and refuse to allow themselves to feel anything at all over the situation. 

The way I look at it, this affects all parents.  It shows that someone can harm my child, and there will be no justice.  It shows that the state will just do what they want, and there is nothing I can do about it.  All I can think of is that poor baby, and how her life was yanked away from her, regardless of the cause or who did it.

I don’t proclaim to know whether or not her mother killed her, but if she did not do it herself, she knows what happened, who was involved, and what was done, and won’t speak up.  How any mother could have their child yanked away from them like that and show no emotion whatsoever, I will never, ever understand.  I am sorry, but if that were me, I would be devastated.  I know where my children are at all times, and if they aren’t where they are supposed to be, I would hunt until the day I died, if my child were missing. 

 A full month passed before the baby was reported missing.  If her original story of “I dropped her off with the babysitter, and that is the last time I saw her,” were true, then why the hell did she not call the police that day, if she went to pick her up and she wasn’t there?  The answer to that is that the woman did not care.

People keep telling me I should not get so emotional about this, but how could I not?  This happened in my own back yard, and our justice system has failed this child.  I am ashamed to say, now, that I live in this state, and that I so adamently supported the justice system for so long.  How can I put my faith in a system that allowed that woman to walk free? 

I am sitting here while I write this watching my 8-month-old child playing and my heart breaks.  I think about my child’s future, and then I think about how that little girl’s life was so tragicly cut short.

Yes, they found her guilty of providing false information to law enforcement, on four counts, and each count carries a MAXIMUM of 1 year in jail.  Woop-de-doo.  She has been in jail for three years.  The reality is that she will probably get time served and probation.  I think the woman needs to be punished by making sure there is no way she could procreate again, so she cannot do this to another child. 

Okay, friends, my rant is over, and I am sorry if I have offended anyone.  I do not mean to, but after all, this is my blog, and I have been granted the right of free speech by way of the United States consitution.  Until that right is taken away from me, I can write on whatever topic I want without being persecuted, within certain limitations, anyway.  I try to stay away from controversy most of the time on here, but I just had to speak out about how I feel about this.  If I were that woman, I would probably be afraid for my safety, living in such a state as we do, where family is valued, and a large part of the populace is extremely enraged about this situation.


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