Summer is here!

Posted On May 24, 2011

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School is done.  Summer is here.  And I am feeling pretty good about that.

We all collectively got my son through another school year.  We survived another cub scout year.  And now, we get to take a deep breath and relax a little before starting it all over again.

My son, this afternoon, when I picked him up from his dads, asked what we were doing at scouts today.  He is eager to start his journey as a Bear.  This is a very welcome change from last year, when he couldn’t wait for Tigers to be over because he was bored and wanted to quit.

So, now I am faced with a dilemma.  How do I make the Bear year as fun as the Wolf year was?  The honest truth is that I didn’t do all of the work.  I had a great co-lead.  She handled all of the paperwork and came up with some awesome ideas for getting them going and getting started on the journey through the year.

I want to do some things with my den over the summer, but I am at a loss as to where to begin.  I also want to get more organized and be able to keep track of the paperwork a little better myself this time around, and I am looking into pieces of software to help me with that.  I know about Beartrax, but is there anything else out there, or is that all there is?  I need to get it in gear.

One of my ideas for the boys for this year centers around their getting their Whittlin’ Chip and being able to use their pocket knives, which is a daunting task that almost frightens me.  Does anyone out there have any tips on that one?

I want them to make memory boxes.  A smallish wooden box to keep some of their scout stuff from years past, neckerchiefs, slides, patches, et cetera in.  We will build them from scrap lumber, and assemble them, stain them, and carve our names into them.  Well, I guess the name carving probably needs to come before the staining, huh?  But what is the best course of action to do that?

I have some big ideas, and now I just need a course of action.  I am really looking forward to things to come!


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