Can someone wake me up when the world makes sense again? Kthanks.

I find myself sitting here very confused.  I will never understand why some people act the way they do, or the thought process that goes into some decisions I have seen made around me.

The universe has gone to hell in a handbasket pretty quickly when certain behaviors appear to become acceptable, and that scares me.  I have intentionally not blogged in the last few weeks because I didn’t want to upset anyone, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do so with a clear head and an open heart.  Today, I have given up on that, because I cannot change how I feel, and I need to get it out.  I will be vague and keep specifics out of things.

I apologize ahead of time if I say things that do not make any sense because, out of respect for those involved, I will not give specific details.  This is just the way it has to be folks, and I am sorry if you don’t like it, but it is what it is.  Get over it.

I find myself very uncomfortable with the knowledge that mankind really has not evolved much.  People still make the stupid choices that destroy lives, and some people can never learn from the mistakes that others have made, or from their own mistakes, for that matter.

Why is it that some people choose to do things willfully that they know is going to affect more than just them, and will do so negatively, and yet they still make those choices and act the way that they do.  I see it all around me and I am astounded by the lack of common sense employed day after day.

I find it insanely sad that the person in my life who seems to have the most understanding of their actions and how they affect others, and the consequences that should hold, is a 7-year-old.

My oldest child, my baby.  I love him so much.  He had a bad behavior morning at church today.  He was hyper and just all over the place and couldn’t seem to control his impulses.  When we got home, he said to me, “Mommy, I am not allowed to play my DS today.”  When I asked the obvious question of why,  he said, “Well, I did not really behave myself in church this morning, so I should have to give something up.  Now, realizing this myself and taking it away from myself does NOT mean that because I know I did something wrong and learned something, that I earn my DS back, and I understand that.”

All I can say is, out of the mouths of babes.  That is the most intelligent thought process I have heard in a long while.  I love that little boy so much.  He is constantly teaching me things that I never thought I needed to learn, and it amazes me.

I guess the moral of the story is when life is confusing, and you don’t understand anything that is going on, spend some time with a child.  The innocence that lies there, and the knowledge that they have, may very well surprise you.  They hold the keys to our future, and I will more people would realize or remember this, because in the end, they are the ones who have to live with the mistakes that our generation makes, and are the ones who will have to clean up the mess and play damage control in the long run.  Take a deep breath, and realize that life is too short to not live every day to the fullest, and that the reality is that not everything is as important as we would choose to make it, but at the same time, choose wisely, because others have to live with our choices, too.


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