>Don’t you love when your entire world hangs in the balance of technology?

Posted On November 24, 2009

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>So here I am, sitting here fuming at my computer because it decided to go stupid. Here’s what happened:

Three weeks ago, give or take, both of my computers crashed, including my personal and the one provided by the company I no longer work for, but got bought out by another company and told us we could keep the computers if/when our relationship with the company ended.

Yep, they both died, and both on the same day. Wonder what the message is supposed to be in that one. Well, anyway, so I get on the phone and spend hours trying to a find a rent-to-own place (because on what I make, there is no way I can pay my bills and by a new computer outright right now) trying to find a computer that actually still runs XP (since almost no transcription platforms that I have seen will work with Vista, and the ones that do will only work with the 32-bit, which no one sells anymore, and just so you know, none of them seem to work with Windows 7 yet, either). I finally find one, and off I go to give them my hard-earned cash and acquire my new PC.

The delivery of said PC was a rather, ahem, interesting arrangement. The guys delivering thought they were trading out a tower, when in fact, I did not already have a computer from this company. Then, they inform me that my old monitor will not work with this computer, because it uses a different type of connector, and I will just have to wait for them to get back out with the monitor. Keep in mind, I have spent almost a week NOT WORKING already.

But they finally get things delivered and set up, and then I wait two days for the company I work for to get in and re-install their software. Then, I spend three days with tech support, a different one each day, trying to get the installation fixed because they did not do things correctly the first time!!! Arrgh!

Anyway, we get that fixed and finally I am back to work and everything is just peachy. Now, three weeks later, something has decided to just go and delete the executable file for my VPN, making it impossible to work for them at all. Five hours on the phone with tech support, and the conclusion is I will need to restore the computer to factory settings to be able to work on it at all. Remember me saying it was from a rent-to-own? So I can’t restore to factory myself, but have to bring it in to them, and they can’t do it until FRIDAY!!!!

For those of you who don’t know, a VPN is a “Virtual Private Network.” It is a secure connection to the facility whose dictation I transcribe, and makes it so that the work goes directly into their system instead of staying on mine and risking HIPAA violations.

So here I am, back where I started, and trying not to want to throw the shiny, $3000 Dell through my bedroom window!

Gotta love life in a moment like this, don’t you!


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