>This was from 10 July 2009

>The prompt on this day was to write a monologue in which a character reveals a significant secret, and to attach a sense of urgency in the telling of this secret. Here it is.

I never thought that I would tell a soul about this. I thought that this was one of those things I would take to my grave. But now, as it seems that my death will be coming much sooner than I had ever imagined, I think I really need to share what I know.

They will probably come for me soon, so there isn’t much time. They know that I know, and are trying to get rid of me. Please, Please be careful, and, should I be killed, do whatever you can to stop them before too many people get hurt.

I can prove that there is a great deal of corruption in the police force here in town. A friend on the inside confided in me, and three days later he was dead. I can prove all of this, but if I am dead, I don’t want the secret to die with me.

Everything you will need is on this flash drive. The password is “bananas.” Ha, ha. I don’t know why. It is just a funny word. If anything happens to me, go to the media. Don’t tell them who you are. Just give them the files.

You better get out of here now. If they find you here, can connect you to me in any way, you are as good as dead, too. Be safe.


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