Posted On July 13, 2009

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>And now for something completely different. A piece of poetry, which had been my first true passion in life. I started writing poetry when I was about 13 or 14. At that point in my life the idea had been introduced to me as a therapeutic tool. It was the only way I knew to communicate how I felt in a very dark and difficult time in my life.

I have had a few pieces published in the National Library of Poetry books that go out frequently, under a few different names, between marriage, divorce, and a pseudonym at one point or another. I will try to dig some of those up as well.

Now I write for very different reasons. I do occasionally go back to the poetry when I need a literary teddy bear, so to speak. It provides me comfort when the rest of my creativity seems to be waning.

Disclaimer: I have been told on many, many occasions that the poetry comes across as very dark, and some people have actually found it frightening. This has never been my intention at all. When I write poetry, I do so with a clear mind, a blank slate if you will. I am often just as surprised by the result as anyone who might read it.

Anyway, without further hesitation, my latest piece.


Quiet fills a lonely room
Darkness setting in.
No end in sight for the gloom,
No idea where to begin.

She reaches out for something,
A path she cannot see.
All she can feel is a longing,
A longing to be free.

All new feelings deep inside
That she has never felt.
No longer wanting just to hide,
Finally free to be herself.

A brilliant light
Never before seen
Shining deep into her soul.

And the darkness fades
Like never before
Removing the shades
Making her want more.

Like seeing for the very first time
And everything around her new.
She reaches out and holds on tight.
There is nothing that she can’t do.


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