>Yep, I am still around!

Posted On June 25, 2008

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>Hold tight folks, because this is going to be a long one, since I have not written in quite some time.

I have so many things that have happened since I have last visited with you good folks.

Life has thrown some interesting curveballs in my way these days, many of them related to my health, and today (hopefully) is the start of receiving some answers. Of course, my car decided to not cooperate in the process…I have had this thing only two weeks and it is being dumb now.I dont know how else to explain it….But, needless to say I spent three hours stuck without my car starting in the hot Florida sun!!!

On other fronts, things have gotten better. and on others, things have gotten confusing.

I am in this relationship that I am thinking I shouldnt have gotten into, that the circumstances might not have been in my favor, after all. But I dont know how to walk away either.

I dont know, I guess only time will tell. I am trying to keep a positive attitude and hope for good things, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. I guess time will tell what direction this is going in, and I just hope that the answer reveals itself before I completely go crazy

Okay, guess I lied, not that long after all. I will try to write more in a day or so when the dust settles. AFter all, the lab results will be in thursday, So I may have a lot more to say then.

Love and peace until then



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