>Sometimes I am amazed

Posted On March 4, 2008

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>In the face of catastrophe, or at least perceived catastrophe, we find that there is ALWAYS an answer, even if it is an avenue we would not have thought of.

I find myself facing difficult decisions, and difficult times. Today, I find myself facing the reality that has become my life, and knowing that things are never going to be easy. But then again, I know that anything worth having is worth working very hard for.

Sometimes it is a matter of having faith, something I find myself very short on a lot these days. I find myself wondering what the reasoning is, and forgetting that it is not my place to know these things.

And, when things get really rough, I have friends I can count on, even if it is just a phone call to say “You know everything will be alright, and there is a way back out of the dark.”

I find that the people I thought I could count on may not always be there, and that there are others who I never would have expected that will pick me up when I am broken and crying. I find that I am re-evaluating my definition of what a friend is and realizing that I had more of them then I thought, and that others that I thought were friends … really are not.

I have found myself in a lot of difficult situations here recently, and there are a few people who have been there, and helped me get through this tough time, without my even asking, they just stepped up and were there for me when i needed someone. I want to say thank you to those people, whom I am sure will probably read this at some point.

It amazes me how people who i have known for a short time feel like family to me, and I am forever grateful, and love them for everything they have done, every kind word, every ride somewhere when i needed it, every minute they have spent with me to make sure that i was going to be alright, and eveyr phone call made on my behalf. They know who they are and I hope they know that I am forever grateful for all they have done.

These thoughts needed to be expressed, and I could find no better way than this. I am lousy at thank yous, and telling people how I feel. I cant bring myself to tell the ones who have hurt me how i feel, except through this forum. And I cant seem to get the words thank you, and I love you, out of my mouth, but they flow through my fingers without difficulty. I guess that will be my next character flaw to work on.

Love for now, and have a safe and pleasant journey thruogh this thing we call life.



One Response to “>Sometimes I am amazed”

  1. Got Faith?

    >This is a beautiful blog full of hope! I love it! You made me cry! You are an inspiration. My only “beef” is with your comment about a character flaw. You are a gifted writer and that is how you express yourself. Some people do not express themselves at all. But you do it beautifully through writing. It’s a gift, or talent, not a character flaw. You are beautiful just the way you are and you need to accept that. Know that you are loved! Your friend, Linda

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