>I hate mechanical objects

Posted On September 4, 2007

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>Okay So I have had all I can take with this freakin car I bought.

Last week, my serpentine belt snapped on me. Now, three times this week I have had the belt come off. The first time was saturday night. I had to call a mobile repair guy. It lasted a whole 24 hours. Then Sunday, it cme off again and I ended up having to stay at a friends house because I had no way home and no one to fix it. Then this morning/afternoon, I got it fixed again. This evening while driving with my kids in the car…my air conditioner quits and my temperature gauge goes through the roof….but at least I didn’t lose my power steering. God does have a sense of humor, after all!!!

I keep telling people god hates me and they didn’t believe me…maybe now they will listen!

I am calling the dealership in the morning. This is ridiculous. I have spent far too much money to have a car that breaks down every five minutes. The belt came off only some of the pulleys this time….so better than the last three times it broke…but it is still broken…and I am still pissed!

And add to that frustration the fact that it is almost 10 at night and my four year old wont go to bed. He has a school bus coming at 7 tomorrow morning and his little ass is still wide awake!!! he is having adjustment issues these days. his dad and I just finalized our divorce in July and ever since there are days when this boy is downright rotten, and he does not behave like that at his dads. I really just don’t know what to do…

Anyone have any advice I am all ears. I am at my wits end here!!!

Going back to work now now that I have that rant out of my system.


One Response to “>I hate mechanical objects”

  1. Heather

    >Wow that sucks about your car!! I would call too but I have a feeling they are going to tell you too bad. =-/ As far as Matt…what I have to do with Zander is to keep him VERY active during the day (park, swimming,riding his bike,fishing)and NO NAPS during the day. Also, we do the whole..full belly, warm bath, book, and bed everynight. Routine is good but I know that can be hard with him being a your house and Steves house too. But maybe you should make sure that you two are on the same page…same night time routine. Well good luck with getting him off to school tomorrow. He will do great!!

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