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Posted On September 1, 2007

Filed under Insanity, Rant, Stupidity

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>I really do not even know what else to say. I finally decide to leave the house… FOR ONCE… and someones hits my F****ng car in the damned parking lot of the place I went to hang with my friends for a while. Just WTF?!?!?!? So I guess I will have to crawl back into my hermit hole for a while now!!!!!

Such total BS..I actually watched the guy hit my car and then race out of the parking lot. But I am a total dumbass and only got half of his freakin plate number. And there is not a massive amount of damage but it is the principle behind the thing. The paint is scratched up real bad on the back bumper and there is a semi-small crack in the middle of the bumper. I can probably just get touch up and fix the pain myself but it is the principle of the thing dammit.

And, I have only had the GD car two weeks!!!!! Assholes!!!

This is what happens when you add alcohol to stupid, I guess.

On another note, I began Operation Insanity (c) today. Yep, I am copyrighting that phrase so no one can steal it! I am now employed by two different companies. Both doing the same work and still both working at home, but still. We shall see how this will go because theoretically I work full time for both of them!!! But then again, I do full time work in half the time it takes others, so I work part time hours, essentially and am still doing full time productivity. It is wierd and hard to explain. Ya want specifics, read my other blog at http://www.lifemt.blogspot.com

But, my second job kicks ass. It pays more than my first one, and I have already cleared QA, which is sort of like a probationary period in a regular job at, like, Wal-Mart or something. Awesome stuff!

All in all things are not going so bad. New Karaoke Contest starts in two weeks. That is gonna be bad ass cus I think I have a pretty good chance this time, but we will see. I am kinda looking forward to it, like I always do with these contests, more for the fact that it gets me involved with stuff rather than sitting at home in ny own head all of the time.

And then next weekend I am helping out with a benefit for a friend who just recently got a crappy diagnosis and a bunch of peoples are trying to raise money to help with her medical expenses. So I will get to see what 9 a.m. looks like on a weekend. Should be fun!!! Nah it will be cool cus it is an awesome cause and I readily volunteered for the privelige. Okay, I probably spelled that wrong. They need to put a spellcheck on here.

Okay, SO I have procrastinated long enough and I need to drag my ass back to work now. Hmm…Which job to do this hour!!! LOL I love having options. This is great.


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