>Ok, So, Now to Get on With This Living Thing!

Posted On August 28, 2007

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>Okay, first I really must apologize for not posting anything recently. I guess I have a lot of ground to cover, don’t I? After all, it has been a month since my last post. (Anyone out there that is Catholic, man that sounded an awful lot like going to confession, didn’t it?!)

Okay so, all of the legal stuff is done!!!!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

On July 23, 2007, all of my court stuff was oficially over with. All of that intervening crap is done, and my divorce is finally done with. (I am pretty sure my ex-husband’s girlfriend did a big old happy dance that day). We decided to go with a full 50/50 joint custody split, meaning that there is an equal amount of time with each parent for my kids. They are with me Monday to Wednesday overnight, and then every other Thursday. They are with their Dad Friday to Sunday overnight, and the opposite Thursdays. This is great news as this is exactly what I wanted. It means that everything is even. And it also means that they are at their dads during the times that he will have the most time to spend with them.

So, I am a Single Woman Again!!!! Okay, boys, come and find me!!!! LOL

Okay, for any of you who don’t know, I was seeing someone for a short time. But then, he decided that he really just was not ready for the responsibility that went along with dating a woman with two built-in children. It happens. It sucks, but it happens. The terms of that breakup were very amicable, and life goes on. The perils of dating a younger man, I guess, right?

So now, I am left to learn to navigate this whole dating scene. I haven’t had to do this in years, and I don’t even know where to begin. So, if any of you faithful readers (all two of you, I am guessing) have any advice on how to navigate that murky water, please pass it along my way.

Oh wait!!!! I forgot to tell you the biggest kick in the gut that came out of all of this. My ex-husband, three days after our divorce finalized, moved in four doors down from me!!!! I was thinking, “I thought divorce meant I was rid of you!!!!!”

But, then I thought about it. This does have it’s advantages. It makes school much easier, as my little man started pre-K this year in a special program for special kids who are like him (more on that will follow in a later post) at an awesome school that has a swimming pool. He is all excited about that part. But, because this is a special class for special kids, the bus picks him up right at my front door and drops him off there in the afternoon. This means on the days he is with his dad, all they have to do is walk down the block! Then, there is the fact that I wont have to spend a fortune on gas every week anymore going to get the kids.

Then for more fun news, my car decided it was time to give up the ghost, or at least it outlived it’s functionality for me. Taking two kids in and out of a two door, eight cylinder, gas guzzling beast with no A/C finally got the better of me, and I broke down and bought a mom-mobile (AKA minivan for those of you not in the know!). I am going to pay through the nose for it, but it is a lot better than what I had, and I get over 300 miles to a full tank!!!! YAAAYYY.

I took a second job, because the first one aggravated me and there are some issues that I do not foresee them resolving any time soon, and also because I need to make some extra money to bail myself out of this financial hellhole I have gotten myself into. I know it will be okay, but I just need to get there, and quick.

Things are starting to look up in my life. Now, if I can just find a really hot plumber to fix the leaky pipes under my house, I would be set. (Hey wait, that sounded a little X-rated didn’t it?!?! Well, I meant that in the literal sense…. my house sprung a leak!)

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have stood by me and lent your support and your ears through this difficult time in my life. Please know that I love you all very much and I really do appreciate everything you have done for me. I might not have gotten here if it weren’t for my friends who were there for me when I needed to cry. Oh, and I am REAAAALLLLLY sorry about New Years. I am better now! Those of you who were there will know what I mean.

Love you all. 5:30. Well, no point in going to bed now. Guess I will start my workday early.


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  1. kelly

    >Whats up with Matthew? What do you mean he’s a “special kid”??

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