Posted On April 29, 2007

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>When did we lose sight of what was important? When did we forget that this wasn’t about us?

When did we turn into such hateful people who can’t seem to accomplish anything because we are too angry? I remember a time when things weren’t this way. I know there is no way to get that time back, but I wish…

When did we forget about what was important? Why is it that the ones we swore to protect with our own lives are now the reason we can’t stop screaming? We created this situation. Now it is our job to figure out a way out of it. Together. Peacefully, for the sake of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Two adults, and yet can’t have a conversation without sounding like two year olds. The little ones seeming more mature than those responsible for their care. Why?

Why? Because somewhere along the way we lost sight of what was important. Somewhere along the way we just forgot.

Where is the happy medium?? I don’t know. How do you find peace in the middle of a war? I don’t know.

So many questions that I cannot find the answer to alone. I don’t expect things to be the way they used to be. That would be asking too much. But I want to find a way to make it better. A way to make it so that TODAY can never happen again. What are the answers.

These questions burn in my mind like a fire being stoked by the wind. Tears fill my eyes as i realize that we have come here again. I thought that things had gotten better. How can a person have so much hatred as you feel for me. It kills me inside to think what I have done to create that in you. It kills me inside to think that I am the maker of my own misery, through the disdain you have in your heart for me.

Remember that once, we said that we would walk together, find our way together. I know we cannot have that back, but maybe, just maybe, there can be a happy medium between that, and where we have gone and what we have become.

There has to be a way. I am willing. I am ready. I am trying. I am listening. I am here. Just say the word.

And if not, Don’t forget me.


One Response to “>Questons”

  1. Anonymous

    >Remind him that when a child is raised under any type of hatred, that is what they learn.

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