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Posted On March 6, 2007

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>It is 1 in the morning. I am sitting here, trying to wind down from a day filled with a whole lot of things that just seem to make it a little…I dont know.

But today, my thoughts are in order. I have a couple of promising job offers on the table, and more keep coming. I need to decide which one to take and then move from there.

My legal issues are still, well, best left not discussed so publicly, for reasons that I will get into at a later date. Lets just suffice it to say that people are still stupid, and still trying to employ the doormat theory, but have taken that to a whole new level. Maybe at a later date I can get a little more detailed, but right now it would do more harm then good.

I also got a visit today from the mortality fairy. A conversation with my dad really made me think. I need to take a look at everything in my life, and figure out exactly how important each piece really is. I need to choose my battles carefully. I still need to be willing to fight for what I believe in. And I will fight. But everything is in perspective now. I realize that I cannot let any single opportunity pass me by. Now executing that is going to be a totally different story, but hey, it is a start, right?

I have lived most of my life on the premise that there will always be tomorrow. What happens when you run out of tomorrows? What happens if ya go to bed tonight, and never wake up tomorrow? When ya face whatever you believe happens upon death, are you going to get the result and outcome that you hoped for?

I have to live every day as though it may be my last. I have to dedicate myself even more to my family and those who love and care for me, and that I love and care for. Family is an odd thing for me. Some of my friends are closer than family. I love my family dearly,but I also have close friends that fit into that category. I would give my life for them. I would do anything I can to keep them from hurting. That is just the way it should be.

I cant keep living, trying to do what is best but will make the least noise. Sometimes making a little noise is what is necessary. Letting people know that you have a stand to take and you wont back down. Maybe it is just telling the guy next door that you think about him at night when you close my eyes at night (just an example, in case any of my neighbors are reading, i am not secretly harboring strange thoughts about you).

Or maybe it is standing up for some injustice that you feel has been done and want to try and help set right. I find myself doing a lot of this lately. It started a couple months ago with a deposition regarding a fatal accident I witnessed, where the family of the person who caused the accident was trying to sue the other party because their relative died in the accident, even if she crossed five lanes of traffic, and was going into oncoming traffic and hit a women with a baby in the back seat of her car head on.

Sometimes it just takes a voice. I have one of those today, and I cannot forget that.

For today, i am going to live every day as though it may be my last, because I never know when it will be. Make sure that when you go to bed tonight (for those of you still awake), you tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, because you never know when you wont have the chance again.

Until next time, my friends, sleep well, and enjoy the journey.


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