>Backwards Holiday!

Posted On February 19, 2007

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>So, It is Monday morning and I am sitting here trying to be profound, and then I remember, how can I be profound on a day like today?

Today is the day that we honor all the dead presidents!!! We honor all the people in the past who have totally fucked up our country, and then get statues and monuments built to help us all remember that!!!

I can’t call the banks, because no one is there. I can’t call the IRS to find out where the hell my money is, because they are closed. And I can’t call any one of my slew of attorneys to get all my other bullshit straightened out, because they aren’t working today either.

If the country wants to give us something to celebrate, maybe they should have a day where all the government officials have to work, but the rest of us don’t. That would be a great idea. Give us a day where all the “government” people are in their offices, and the rest of us poor schmucks that have jobs can actually take care of our business because the banks, lawyers, IRS, post office, and whatever are all actually still in their offices when we get home! Now there would be a novel concept!

Now, think about it. That would make the masses really happy! How many times have you needed to call the bank and straighten something out, or go to the post office to get an important piece of mail delivered, or something else like that, and by the time you get home for work, you are thinking “@$!#@$, they are closed so I cant get anything done!!!!”

I think we should all right our representatives in government and request this holiday, as this would be so much more beneficial than half the other crap they call holidays. Sure, there would be no mega sales that claim to “save you a shitload of money,” but people would actually be able to do something useful, instead of sitting on their collective asses playing video poker and looking at porno on their days off.

Well, okay, so this will never happen, but it seemed like a great idea, didn’t it?


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