>Valentines Day Sucks

Posted On February 14, 2007

Filed under Rant

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>Okay, so I am sitting here. It is almost one in the morning on Valentine’s Day. It has been Valentine’s day for a whole half an hour or so, and already I think it stinks!!!

I am just remembering every other Valentine’s Day from years past and remembering all the sappy crap I have had to witness and endure. I remember all the “happy” couples who feel the need to rub in the face of their single friends that they have someone to share it with when they are all alone and miserable.

Well, news flash. I am one of those people who is alone. And I have formulated an opinion about this “holiday” that I would like to share with my readers.

Why do people feel the need to be complete jerks all year, and then think that they can make up for all the bullshit they pulled all year but spending a shitload of money this one day, thinking that will make everything okay? What douchebags!!!

Why can’t people just be real and show how they feel all year long, instead of just trying to be all fake and thinking they can buy your affection?

Heres a news flash. Silly little things, like remembering to say I love you every day, writing little notes. And I dont mean notes saying ” I want your body, lets have sex” but things like, “I will be thinking of you today.”

Love cannot be bought, or at least it shouldnt be able to be. It should be something that is felt and lived. It should be a part of who you are, not what you can get for someone, and certainly not what you can get out of them. People confuse lust and love way too much these days.

Love is something you have to work for, and work at. You have to diligently work to make sure the one you are with knows that they can depend on you. You have to make sure they know you appreciate them, and they will return the affections.

So try something. Make your loved one breakfast in bed, Tell them you love them. Find some chore around the house that they dislike doing, and just do it for them. If you aren’t all that domesticated, look it up. There is a shitload of information on the web (you know, that thing you use to look at porno all the time when the girlfriend isn’t around).

Don’t get me wrong, flowers and stuff are nice, but why does there have to be a “holiday” for you to do it. Do it because it is a thursday, or because it’s April, or whatever. Just because. Do it because you have absolutely no reason or motive at all.

Make sure the people in your life know how you feel about them, and they will return the gesture. They will let you know how they feel about you, and they will live, happier, healthier lives because of it.

Okay, so down off the soap box now, my carpal tunnel is acting up. Enjoy each other. Life is too short to waste time.


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